NEW! PIP Skin Protection
The universal probiotic cream is suitable for women and men. Use daily to create and maintain a  protecting microflora on the surface of the skin as well as cleaning the pores deeply. Before use clean and wet the skin, apply to moistened skin. 
Probiotic products for personal hygiene
Body hygiene, skin cleaning, cosmetic soap, shower gel, bath foam - prevention of skin diseases, prevention of fungal manifestations, prevention of dandruff and staphylococcal manifestations, probiotic cleaning baths with cleaning result.
Probiotic detergents ECOLOGIC
The result of the combined action of "green" cleaning products, enzymes and probiotic bacteria is microscopic deep cleaning, preven-tion and elimination of odors and safe microbiological media.
PIP (the abbreviation means “Probiotics In Progress”) — is the newest line of products that use clinically proven technology.            
ECOLOGIC DETERGENTS detergents based on organic salts:
Do not react with other substances; purification is performed by separating dirt from the surface. Separator physically breaks connections between any dirt and any surface. Cleaning with Ecologic products doesn’t include chemical reaction, instead product powerful penetrating ability and high cationic (electrostatic) activity for dirt separation are used.
Uniqueness, versatility, safety and efficacy of Ecologic products, taking into account cost savings, provide an exceptional advantage of the products in the daily and contract cleaning.             
Environmental needs: environmental requirements for cleaning work in the industrial sector are becoming more relevant as use of traditional aggressive chemical cleaners have become unacceptable.
livestock breeding, poultry breeding,fur farming, fisheries, pets.
Organic and probiotic products Ecologic are used for degreasing and cleaning of different surfaces of almost any complexity pollution.
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